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About DIY Mole Removal: Is it Risky or Not? What should you know?

Moles. While many aren’t still aware but it is true that if a mole has changed size or color or shape recently then you should get it checked by a qualified dermatologist in Delhi without fail.Why? Quite simply because of the fact that the changed shape can jolly well signify some kind of lethal skin cancer. However, the matter of concern is that there are a number of young woman out there who are taking matters in their own hands – quite ignorantly dismissing the risks of DIY mole removal!

What should you know about the changed shape, size and color of moles?

The key is always to get your mole or skin tags checked thoroughly by a medical professional. So what exactly are we talking about here? What is DIY mole removal all about? Today, if you look up the internet you will be able to find that there actuallyare several websites that are selling lotions and creams that supposedly remove moles or tags. While many boast that they have been awarded internationally, there are others who proclaim that they are the ultimate solutions for cash strapped teenagers suffering from moles. Whether it’s for medical or aesthetic purposes they can easily get these moles removed at way lesser price than what would have been the case if they had consulted the best dermatologist in Delhi.

Does DIY Mole Removal Have its Own Risks?

However, it should be noted that DIY mole removal does have its own set of risks to contend with. Do you even know how dangerous the whole process of removal is when you are actually considering these creams? We will tell you! Right here!

  • At first you have to scratch the surface of the mole
  • An emery board or needle is required for this purpose
  • Then you are supposed to apply creams that are—again– supposed to contain herbal ingredients

What do the dermatologists have to say?

These creams work on the premise of what is supposedly known as natural cauterisation. These lotions burn the skin after which it falls off. Talk to a reliable dermatologist in Delhiand he will actually tell you that there are several instances where users had actually ended up scarring themselves while using these creams and lotions. And, it’s after these incidents that they had actually turned to the help of professionals.

There are times when products may not only remove the mole but the skin underneath it as well thereby leaving a dent!!! So dermatologists or skin specialists have opined that DIY methods of mole removal are actually uncontrolled therapy.

Do not end up committing the same mistake of resorting to DIY mole removal. Do not really go on to leave a “changed” mole unattended as well. Look up the internet to find out about the dermatologists offering services in Delhi check their reputation by looking up recommendations and reviews and then make a decision to access the kind of treatment that will suit your needs the best.