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Information About Skin And Hair Care

How can a dermatologist in Delhi help you with acne scar treatment?

As a person you may have the best figure or physique and a really good mane of hair. However, it is always your face that people are noticing first before anything else. If your face is filled with scars of acne and resembles more the surface of Moon rather than the face of a human being then chances are your other attributes would amount to nothing Read More »

Misconceptions about Eczema Discussed: Ask your Dermatologist for help!

As per a study, around 10% of the adult population might as well be affected by eczema. Now, irrespective of how common or uncommon the disorder is – or for that matter – whether one is afflicted by the same or not – the misconceptions surrounding this disease – however- are rampant. For instance, the best dermatologist in Delhi will actually tell you that all eczema is not really the same Read More »

Time to get melasma and pigmentation cured once and for all

There are a number of functions that our body performs to let us live. But when certain functions start occurring disturbingly diseases or disorders arises. Melanocytes are the cells in the body which manufacture melanin- the substance that imparts color to the body Read More »

About DIY Mole Removal: Is it Risky or Not? What should you know?

Moles. While many aren’t still aware but it is true that if a mole has changed size or color or shape recently then you should get it checked by a qualified dermatologist in Delhi without fail.Why? Quite simply because of the fact that the changed shape can jolly well signify some kind of lethal skin cancer Read More »

Lichen Planus – how to get treated for it with a dermatologist in Delhi

As you would get to know from any and every dermatologist in Delhi out there lichen planus happens to be a skin condition. It can also be regarded as a kind of rash. By itself, this particular condition is not contagious but at the same time it can be quite itchy and can affect certain parts of your body such as your arms, mouth, or legs to name a few Read More »

Keloid and hypertrophic scars – few things that you should know about them

If you have not suffered from them you would not know what keloid and hypertrophic scars are. As any and every dermatologist in Delhi would tell you, this is a type of skin growth that normally appears at a place where your skin has been damaged. After your skin has suffered a certain kind of trauma it heals when fibrous tissue grows in that area Read More »