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Vitiligo Treatment: Are You Consulting the Right Dermatologist in Delhi?

A skin problem characterized by the death of cells that produce pigmentation- Vitiligo, is a not-so-uncommon skin condition is actually mired by social stigma. Before delving in to the details of any aspect of this skin condition, we would unfailingly like to point out that vitiligo IS NOT A SERIOUS DISEASE! If you already have consulted a dermatologist in Delhi you will find the truth out Read More »

Get rid of permanent discoloration due to vitiligo

You might have come across with a number of people whose skin is discolored or showing white patches in different parts of the body. This condition is called as vitiligo which is also known by the term Leucoderma. In the past, it was considered as a permanent skin discoloration process Read More »

Vitiligo: Unraveling Basics, knowing the “patterns”, selecting the right dermatologist and More

Learning about the Vitiligo treatments is as important as learning about vitiligo itself. Now, it must not really be forgotten that this pigmentation disorder can be addressed by a dermatologist in Delhi Read More »