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June 3, 2019

There are a number of skin ailments which hamper the personality and make the person look dull and faded. While some of these ailments are natural to occur due to hormonal changes in the body, some are caused due to factors like genetics, stress, pollution or other related issues. However, there is a solution for each one of them and can be corrected if treated under the specialization of a good dermatologist. While most of the skin disorders get corrected with time by their own some need special treatment.

Some of the major skin ailments include the following:

Pimples or acne Pimples or acne: this is one of the commonest skin ailments which are experienced by almost everyone. Formation of pimples or acne is most commonly seen during the growth ages when the hormonal changes occur in a drastic manner. Other than this, people whose oil glands are more active and produces more oil also faces the problem of getting pimple or acne. With the excess of oil the pores get clogged and this gives freedom to the bacteria to grow and multiply. All this ultimately results in the development of pimples or acne.

PsoriasisPsoriasis: Psoriasis is a chronic skin disorder which lasts for a longer period of time. Being an autoimmune disease it takes a long time to get rid of the condition. In psoriasis patches of skin start becoming scaly and red. These patches often irritate and cause itching. However, this skin ailment is non-contagious and occurs entirely due to genetic factors. It has been thought that psoriasis is non-curable but due to medical interventions, there are treatments available for it as well which can be made under the guidance of a specialized dermatologist only.

EczemaEczema: eczema also known as atopic dermatitis is seen mostly in childhood when the child is in its infant stage. Those who have a family history of eczema are seen coming under its influence more. However, it can also occur in adults in some cases. Under eczema, some patches of the skin start becoming rough, inflamed and itchy as well. The skin starts cracking and show signs of redness and swelling at times. It causes a lot of irritation to infants and might cause blisters in severe cases. However, it is not a contagious disease.

Warts and molluscumcontagiosumWarts and molluscumcontagiosum: a skin infection which is caused by a virus and causes arts with a dimple in the middle is known as molluscumcontagiosum. The virus is contagious and can spread easily from one person to another. The bumps produced due to the virus are generally painless but they look awful and might cause itching at times. If these warts are scratched the chances of them being more viral and spreading all around the body increases. Being a viral skin disorder they are self-treatable and go on their own however in some cases medical intervention is required. 

VitiligoVitiligo: Vitiligo is a skin disorder where the skin in patches starts becoming white or discolored. This is an autoimmune disease in which the cells which contribute in imparting the color to the skin that is the melanocytes stop functioning. This results in discoloration of the affected area. The areas coming under the influence of vitiligo might start from one point and spread all over the body. Although the disorder is not treatable but with few medications and light therapy it can be corrected to a great extent.

Hyperpigmentation / melasmaHyperpigmentation / melasma: melasma is a skin disorder in which the melanocytes start getting produce in abundant. Due to their abundance, the brown and blotchy patches generally occur in different parts of the face. The major areas which come under the influence of melasma are upper lips, cheeks, chin, and forehead. Also known as hyperpigmentation they occur during pregnancy can get cured by their own but in certain cases medical intervention becomes important. Women are more likely to get affected by melasma as compared to men. Too much sun exposure is also one reason for getting hyperpigmentation.

Fungal infectionsFungal infections: fungal infections also called as mycosis results when a fungus invades deep inside the skin and starts multiplying there. Although fungal infections are self-diagnosable, if they are not treated well in time the fungus might invade into the bones and tissues and other organs of the body and infect the whole body causing serious issues. The symptoms of fungal infections include itches and rashes on the affected parts. From hair, skin to nails every part of the body can get a fungal infection, however, the areas which are moist and warm are best for them to strive.

Moles or nevi or skin tagsMoles or nevi or skin tags: there are different skin lesions which can occur without any certain reason. These lesions include moles, nevi and skin tags which are generally benign and non-cancerous. While moles can occur at any part of the body they are harmless and didn’t pain at all. Skin tags are a small flap of tissues which generally hangs off with a stalk. While moles are mostly black or brown in color sometimes red also occur. Skin tags, on the other hand, are light brown in color.

Keloid and hypertrophic scarKeloid and hypertrophic scar: keloids are the lesions of skin which develops after the skin heals at some place after an injury. Keloids are generally seen to grow outside the borders of the place of injury and spread. They are dense fibrous tissues and are generally make the place numb. Hypertrophic scar as the name suggests develops after healing occurs of an injury around the scars. Both keloid and hypertrophic scar are painless but can be removed with medical intervention.

Lichen planusLichen planus: lichen planus are itchy and flat bumps that occur on the skin and cause a lot of irritation. They are purplish in color and have been observed to go on their own. However in few cases when lichen planus becomes troublesome taking help of dermatologist becomes necessary. Other than skin they might also occur in the mouth as white patches and painful sores which are annoying and irritating.

Hair lossHair loss: hair loss is one of those problems which can be faced by anyone. Generally, poor nutrition, too much stress, and pollution might cause hair loss and thinning. However, in few cases, genetics also play a major role in causing hair loss. There are many treatments available in today’s date to curb the problem among which hair transplantation is the major one to restore the hair loss. Using artificial hair fibers and scalp micropigmentation are also another alternative to make the scalp look fuller.

HirsutismHirsutism: also called hypertrichosis, hirsutism is a condition when the male hormones start producing in excess of women’s body. This result in the development of male hair pattern in women which leads to the development of hairs on the face, chest as well as on the back like men. Although the reason of hirsutism could be a change in hormones it can also occur due to genetic factors. With the help of laser therapy, the condition of hirsutism can be corrected to a great extent.

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Dr. Sandesh Gupta

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