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Get rid of permanent discoloration due to vitiligo

You might have come across with a number of people whose skin is discolored or showing white patches in different parts of the body. This condition is called as vitiligo which is also known by the term Leucoderma. In the past, it was considered as a permanent skin discoloration process but today due to medical interventions there are a number of Skin Specialist In Delhi who are providing fruitful treatments for this skin disorder.

What is vitiligo

Vitiligo is considered as a chronic skin disorder which is governed by hereditary factors. Other than this there are no full proof reasons which can be blamed for getting vitiligo. The dysfunctional immune system which forgets to memories its own pigment forming cells that are melanin, starts attacking and destroying them completely. This leads to discolored skin and formation of white colored patches in different parts of the skin.

It is more common in people who have dark colored skin. It has been observed that people who came under the influence of vitiligo get low self-esteem and lose their confidence as well. But a million thanks to the hike in medical science and interventions that today we have a solution for this chronic skin disorder as well.

How vitiligo spreads:

Vitiligo is seen to be present in three different patterns in people. While in focal vitiligo the white patches remain in one or two parts of the body and usually do not spread but in segmental they spread in one side of the skin drastically leaving another side. The third and the major pattern which is observed is a generalized pattern in which discoloration appears in one part and keep on spreading and later covers the whole body.

How vitiligo can get treated:

Vitiligo is no more a permanent disorder. There are various influential treatments available which can be gained from some of the best Skin Specialist In Delhi. These are:

Medications: In this method, various medicines are used under the guidance of specialized doctors to apply topically over the affected areas. Psoralens are the most extensively used medicine for treating vitiligo along with the exposure to the sun.

Light therapy: here phototherapy is used which utilizes the laser lights with a specific wavelength to work effectively on the parts of the body where there are the signs of vitiligo. Along with the phototherapy if you are applying for the prescribed medicine the more fruitful result can be obtained.

Surgical: this is yet another way to treat vitiligo but being surgical it didn’t gain the wide acceptance. Coming under the knife has its own drawbacks but still, people who want to get rid of vitiligo take the surgical methods as well. In it, the skin which didn’t show discoloration is taken and implanted into the discolored portions.

No matter which way of treatment you are finding the most feasible if you are not consulting a Skin Specialist In Delhi, you would not be able to fetch the best result. So get the best consultancy and fight back vitiligo.