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Laser therapy- the best tattoo removal procedure in Delhi

Gone are the days when tattoos were considered as permanent marks on the body. Today tattoo removal is as easy as getting inked. Some of the Skin Specialist In Delhi has got specialization in tattoo removal and they bestow the best treatment to make you get rid of your tattoo completely.

Tattoos are the things of the past yet they are the new cool of the time. These days from teenagers to elders all are on the verge of making different tattoos on the body. No matter what gender you are of getting tattooed means you are cool, fashionable and trendy as well.

In the last decade, only the tattoos made of brown or black color were popular but today colored tattoos are more famous. This is the reason why you could see people have different colored tattoos on different parts of their skin.

Tattoo removal

For eliminating the tattoo from the skin one of the most feasible methods which are used is laser lights. Laser lights when used in the specific wavelength have the ability to burn the cells of the body. The cells which are diseased and are abnormal in behavior can be killed permanently with the help of concentrated laser beams.

When the tiny particles of the ink are suspended into the skin the tattoo is formed of the desired shape and size. To remove them the need of breaking these ink particles into their minutest size is necessary. The laser beams of a specific wavelength when applied on the skin these ink particles start fragmenting. Once the whole tattoo’s ink gets broken the minute particles they get absorbed by the body and are later thrown out.

Removing tattoo with the help of laser light is the most feasible and fruitful method to get rid of your ink from the body.

Factors affecting tattoo removal

The amount of courage you need to remove the tattoo is equal to the amount of courage you would have shown while getting it. Although the process of tattoo removal is quite safe and painless you need to consult a good Skin Specialist In Delhi to safeguard the other parts of the body while removing the tattoo.

Here are the major factors which affect the tattoo removal process:

  • The size of your tattoo- the bigger the size of the tattoo is the more sessions would be required to completely remove it.
  • The colors used while making the tattoo- it has been seen that brown and black colored tattoos are easy to remove as they are more responsive to the laser lights. However, the colored tattoos especially the red, yellow and blue colors are least responsive to the laser beams and are therefore hard to get rid of. 
  • The intensity of the laser beams- tattoo removal also depends upon the intensity and wavelength of laser beams used to remove the tattoo. How much intensity is required is decided by the dermatologist after examining the tattoo.

So next time when you want to eliminate that tattoo from your body, get the advice of best Skin Specialist In Delhi and make the skin just like before.