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Lichen Planus – how to get treated for it with a dermatologist in Delhi

As you would get to know from any and every dermatologist in Delhi out there lichen planus happens to be a skin condition. It can also be regarded as a kind of rash. By itself, this particular condition is not contagious but at the same time it can be quite itchy and can affect certain parts of your body such as your arms, mouth, or legs to name a few. As such, lichen planus is related quite closely to your immune system. This would indicate that the weaker you are immunity wise bigger is your chance of suffering from lichen planus.

Normally lichen planus is not that serious a problem. However, there are certain cases where this can turn into a serious condition and thus cause you plenty of pain as well.

What are the symptoms of lichen planus?

There are several symptoms of lichen planus and they may be enumerated as below:

  • it could be an elevated lesion or a bump with a flat top
  • these lesions could develop and then spread over your body in just a few weeks or months
  • at times the lesions could be lacy white in the mouth and this could lead to a burning sensation or pain as well
  • it is either pink or purple
  • you normally experience severe itching especially at the place where the rash has taken place
  • if you have lichen planus in your mouth it can lead to a burning sensation
  • there could also be blisters that could become scabby after they burst
  • thin white lines could develop over the rash as well

Why does lichen planus happen?

As has been stated already, lichen planus normally happens when your autoimmune system is not working properly. However, it could also happen as a side effect of a medicine that you may have consumed lately. If you ask a dermatologist in Delhi you would also know that it could happen because of some dental products. It can also happen as a result of Hepatitis C. Now, there is no concrete information on why autoimmune disorders may lead to lichen planus. At times, viral infections, allergens, and even your genetic structure can lead to lichen planus as well.

How to avoid lichen planus?

There are several ways in which you can avoid lichen planus. They could be mentioned as below:

  • take less stress in life
  • try and stop injuries from happening
  • never scratch any part of your body
  • in order to stop lichen planus from happening in your mouth apply soothing agents
  • never smoke, chew tobacco, or consume alcohol
  • always have oral hygiene

How to get treated for lichen planus?

The best way to get treated for lichen planus is to visit a dermatologist in Delhi who is equipped with facilities such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and fractional CO2 lasers. Apart from these you may also receive a number of topical and oral medicines alongwith intralesional injections at the affected areas. In certain cases, doctors may also use drugs that suppress your immune system in order to cure lichen planus.