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Misconceptions about Eczema Discussed: Ask your Dermatologist for help!

As per a study, around 10% of the adult population might as well be affected by eczema. Now, irrespective of how common or uncommon the disorder is – or for that matter – whether one is afflicted by the same or not – the misconceptions surrounding this disease – however- are rampant. For instance, the best dermatologist in Delhi will actually tell you that all eczema is not really the same Read More »

Hydra Facial: What does your dermatologist have to say about it?

It will not really be an exaggeration to claim that hydra facial is a skin treatment which should – at least – be considered by one and all. It has largely been opined that this particular type of skin treatment is actually suitable for all skin types. Irrespective of how sensitive your skin is – you can always go on to access this treatment Read More »