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The different types of dermatologists in Delhi: Their “Why” and “How”

As far as a dermatologist in Delhi is concerned there are different kinds of such medical practitioners. In a broad sense they can be divided into three major wings – cosmetic dermatologists, surgical dermatologists, and medical dermatologists. The term dermatology as such means the study of skin and its treatment. However, at the same time it is important that you understand the basic fact that not all dermatologists are supposed to have the same area of specialization. It is just like any and every other area of work. It is also wrong to assume that you are always going to need a general dermatologist in order to cure the ailment that you may be suffering from right now.

What is cosmetic dermatology?

In this kind of dermatology treatment the doctor deals primarily with the beauty related aspects of the skin. Practitioners of this form of dermatology do not deal with skin care issues such as rashes that are strictly medical in nature. These doctors are more bothered about how good you look. You would normally go to such a dermatologist in order to get rid of blemishes that may make you look bad, in case your skin tone has become uneven, or for remedies to stop the natural process of aging.

Normally, conventional healthcare policies do not cover such treatments since they do not have any medical necessity as such. However, there are plenty of people out there who badly need to see a cosmetic dermatologist in Delhi in order to make sure that their life is of a better quality.

What is medical dermatology?

This sort of dermatology is the exact opposite of cosmetic dermatology. As far as dermatological study is concerned, appearance does play a part but it is not as important as so many other elements of the skin. 

The basic reason as to why a student of medicine studies dermatology is because she or he wants to know in depth about the various medical situations that show themselves on your skin as well as how to treat them. They normally deal with areas as critical as lupus and skin cancer. They normally treat people who are facing skin conditions such as rosacea, painful rashes, and sun damage to name a few. Thus, as you may have understood by now, these doctors are basically treating proper medical issues as such. This is also one reason why most health insurance policies cover such treatments.

Normally, it is better that you visit a medical dermatologist as often as you can.

What is surgical dermatology?

As the name of this branch of dermatology would indicate, it basically means that the skin conditions in this case have to be or are treated by way of surgery. In some cases it is possible that the surgery is being done only for cosmetic purposes. That means there is also a chance that in those cases there would be an overlap with the cosmetic branch of dermatology. This is especially applicable for types of surgery such as hairline restructuring and facelifts to name a few.