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Time to get melasma and pigmentation cured once and for all

There are a number of functions that our body performs to let us live. But when certain functions start occurring disturbingly diseases or disorders arises. Melanocytes are the cells in the body which manufacture melanin- the substance that imparts color to the body. Once the functioning of melanocytes gets hampered it starts producing melanin in a large amount which leads to melasma or hyperpigmentaion.

There are a number of DERMATOLOGISTS IN DELHI who work on this skin problem but consulting the best is a must to get the best feedback and thereby the most fruitful outcome.

Occurrence of melasma:

A large number of reasons are there which contribute to enhancing the function of melanocytes which in turn leads to the development of brown and blotchy patches on the skin. Some of the major reasons are:

  • Hormonal changes in the body
  • Too much exposure to the harmful rays of the sun
  • Due to hypothyroidism
  • Using low-grade cosmetics
  • Intake of contraceptive pills.

These reasons are the most prominent ones for getting melasma. However, there are several other reasons which are unknown yet cause abnormal functioning of melanocytes.
People who face melasma are often seen having lack of confidence and self-esteem. Since the brown and blotchy patches occur more frequently on the face in the areas around nose, forehead, cheeks and upper lips they make the person look awful. And this made them lose all the confidence they have.

Although these marks can be removed with a contouring makeup, the results are temporary. This is when looking for the best DERMATOLOGIST IN DELHI could give the most fruitful results. The dermatologists who are experts in their field can detect melasma just after seeing the condition.

There are different treatments available in today’s date to reduce the signs of melasma and get the normal skin free from brown and blotchy patches back. These treatments are most feasible when you want to eliminate melasma once and for all of your life.

Bleaching– bleaching is one of the most extensively used techniques in the parlors to lighten up the skin but here bleaching will be done by a dermatologist by making use of specific products. From the brown patches on the forehead to the blotchy skin above the lips and cheeks can get cured in minimal time by undergoing bleaching from some renowned dermatological and skin care clinic.

Chemical peel: in the treatment of chemical peeling specific chemicals are used in the precise concentration to remove the dead layers of the skin. Once the dead cells came out the skin which emerges is rejuvenated and refreshed. The skin lightens up to a great extent and the brown spots or marks diminish manifolds.

So to keep yourself away from melasma, using high-quality skin products and a sunscreen on a daily basis is a must. However, if you still face melasma or hyperpigmentation consult the best DERMATOLOGIST IN DELHI to get the best treatment as per your skin type.