Dermatologist in Delhi, Skin Specialist In Delhi

Dermatologist in Delhi, Skin Specialist In Delhi

Dermaroller & Mesotherapy Dermaroller & Mesotherapy

Dermaroller & Mesotherapy

June 3, 2019
Dermaroller & Mesotherapy

People consider taking cosmetic surgeries as the ultimate way to make the skin look younger and vibrant lesser known the fact that there are numerous techniques available in today’s date to get the same result without surgeries. One such therapy is dermaroller with the help of which a youthful skin can be obtained without undergoing any surgery. Mesotherapy is also included in the category where you don’t need to go under the knife for getting the desired skin


It is a therapy with the main objective to increase the blood circulation of the face and help in collagen production. Derma roller comprises of numerous small needles which are moved across a section of the face repeatedly to cause micro-injuries. The needles used in the procedure neither harm the skin nor create marks or scars. The micro injuries are caused intentionally so that the skin starts producing more collagen to overcome those injuries.

As the collagen production enhances the skin starts rejuvenating which in turn makes it look vibrant and fresh. The glow comes from within and the skin starts shining. When the body starts producing extra collagen the scars, marks, wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging start disappearing as well.

The best thing about dermaroller therapy is it didn’t create any side effect and the effects last for long period of time.


Another nonsurgical procedure to help to make the skin youthful and fresh is mesotherapy. In this procedure, the subcutaneous layer of the skin is injected with numerous vitamins and enzymes along with some medicinal plant extract to make the skin young and free from aging signs. Apart from making the skin free from blemishes it also helps in tightening it by removing the extra fat.

A series of injections are given on the site of treatment which goes deep down to the subcutaneous layers and improves the blood circulations. The vitamins and enzymes incorporated help in making the skin firm by proving all the necessary nutrients to it.

To get the desired result a number of sessions of mesotherapy are needed which add up the number of vitamins and enzymes in the skin. It not only counters the skin but also removes the excess of fat giving you a youthful look. 

We are the best dermatologist in Delhi who can cater your needs of getting the therapy like derma roller and mesotherapy. Since both the techniques are non-surgical there are little to no chances of getting any sort of side effect. However, it largely depends on your skin type and your body’s behavior to the external stimulus.

Since the procedure endows aesthetic results the need of an experienced and specialized doctor becomes a must. Those who have a good prior experience in treating a large number of patients need to be consulted foremost.

So if surgeries are not your cup of tea, get the dermaroller and mesotherapy to attain the desired skin in the least time. These are indeed the best and most effectual non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Sandesh Gupta

Dr. Sandesh Gupta

M.B.B.S,DVD,MCSI (Cosmetology)

Dr. Sandesh Gupta is an established Cosmetologist and Dermatologist in Delhi.

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