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Dermatologist in Delhi, Skin Specialist In Delhi

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June 3, 2019
Melasma or Pigmentation

Melanin is the pigment in the skin which gives it a color. Sometimes due to different reasons these pigment cells, the melanocytes produce a large quality and leads to a chronic skin disorder named as Melasma. The brown blotchy patches in different parts of the face and particularly around the forehead, cheek and upper lip makes the face looks really dull and unimpressive.

It has been seen that women are more prone to getting melasma as compared to men and it starts appearing often at the age of 20.

However there are different reasons for getting melasma in the skin but for some, this is a chronic disorder and didn’t seize at all. The genetic reasons are the most obvious for getting melasma and women face this problem more. Other important reasons are as follows:

  • Too much exposure of sun can disturb the melanin production.
  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy might cause it however it goes away with time.
  • Intake of contraceptive pills which sometimes causes hormonal misbalance.
  • Use of certain cosmetic products including soaps, creams, and deodorants
  • Hypothyroidism

Out of all these above reasons other than genetic, the exposure to harmful ultraviolet radiations leads to activating the melanocytes and therefore a high amount of melanin pigments start developing.

Diagnosis of melasma

The skin specialists who have an expertise can detect the melasma by examining the skin visually. Discoloration of the skin can be seen easily however in rare cases skin biopsy is required to detect the presence of melasma and the reasons behind it. Once the reason gets detected the required treatment can be initiated to get rid of this disorder.

Treatments for melasma

Melasma is often chronic and keeps on appearing to those who have a genetic reason for its occurrence. There are different methods which can be used to curb the skin discoloration or the brownish and blotchy patches on the skin. These are:

  • Bleaching– Bleaching is one of the cosmetic approach used by the dermatologists to eliminate the skin discoloration and make it look even. It lightens the skin and the blotchy patches reduce to a great extent.
  • Chemical peeling– In chemical peeling special chemicals are used to remove the other layers of the skin which usually comprises the pigments due to melasma. Taking chemical peeling can also help in getting rid of other spots, marks and fine lines from the skin giving you a younger and vibrant look.

Generally, there are very fewer side effects of melasma treatment which majorly include skin irritation. However, with time this skin irritation goes away and the skin becomes free from blotchy patches or pigments. The best aftercare of the treatment and escaping the melasma is making use of sunscreen whenever you go out. People who are more prone to getting melasma should use sunscreen all through the day and cover the face with a cloth while going under the sun.

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Dr. Sandesh Gupta

Dr. Sandesh Gupta

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