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Q Switch Nd Yag laser Q Switch Nd Yag laser

Q Switch Nd Yag laser

June 3, 2019
Q Switch Nd Yag laser

With the advent of different procedures to remove the hairs from the body a lot of research have been done in the recent past to make it more easy, simplified and more importantly feasible.  Laser light is used extensively to work upon different parts of the body to eradicate the diseased cells and hair follicles. Since laser makes use of high power energy, the heat generated during the procedure is enough to burn the hair follicles to a great extent.

Depending upon the wavelength and frequency the penetration of laser beam is affected. This is the reason why a medium is used to transfer the laser light to the areas of treatment. One such medium is neodymium YAG laser also known as Nd:Yag.

What is Neodynium YAG laser

Neodynium YAG laser is a way of treatment which helps in removing the brown spots from different parts of the body. Since it reaches the deep layers of the skin without causing any harm it makes the skin clear and vibrant. The major areas where neodymium YAG laser is effective include the following:

  • For removing the brown spots.
  • For making the skin free from moles.
  • For eradicating the unwanted birthmarks.
  • For combating the problem of hyperpigmentation.
  • For a complete removal of the tattoo.

The skin gets lightened with the help of neodynium YAG laser treatment and this helps in making it look clearer than ever before. Since it didn’t involve visiting clinic for different sessions and one can get the benefit in just one sitting.

Every skin treatment leads to minor irritation and Neodynium YAG laser is no exception. But since the final results are so overwhelming, people can endure this minor irritation without any worry. Reaching deep down the skin to treat various pigment related issues it helps to stimulate the synthesis of new collagen and improve the overall texture of the skin.

Procedure for Q Switch NdYag Laser

In Q Switch NdYag Laser a strong laser light is passed over the skin. The pigments of the skin once came in contact with the Q Switch NdYag Laser gets crushed into tiny particles. These tiny particles are easy to process by the body and thus they get eliminated by the body itself.

The whole procedure didn’t take more than 15 minutes. However, it largely depends upon the amount of pigmentation and the areas to be covered to remove them. It has been seen that some patients feel mild irritation with the procedure but again it depends upon the sensitivity of the skin and how it reacts with the laser beams. The irritation is however temporary and goes away with time.

We are the best dermatologist in Delhi who can treat your pigments, moles, birthmarks and all unwanted scars and spots in the body with the help of Q Switch NdYag Laser. Our dermatologist make sure that once the procedure gets completed you came out with a more vibrant and clearer skin to flaunt all around.

Dr. Sandesh Gupta

Dr. Sandesh Gupta

M.B.B.S,DVD,MCSI (Cosmetology)

Dr. Sandesh Gupta is an established Cosmetologist and Dermatologist in Delhi.

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