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Tattoo Removal In Delhi Tattoo Removal In Delhi

Tattoo Removal In Delhi

June 3, 2019

Getting a tattoo is very easy but if you want to get rid of it, it becomes really difficult. But thanks to medical interventions there are numbers of technologies in today’s date with the help of which tattoo can be removed in a painless and effectual way. Although a number of tattoo removal techniques are present in today’s date, removing them with a laser is the most effective one.

Laser lights when used in precise wavelength generate the heat which has the capability to burn the targeted cells of the body. This is the reason why laser light has become one of the most extensively used medical interventions. In case of removing the tattoo from the body, a precise wavelength of laser light is produced to eliminate it once and for all.

Tattoo Removal In Delhi
Tattoo Removal Clinic In Delhi

Procedure for tattoo removal

A tattoo is composed of numerous tiny pigments of the ink which are suspended in the skin to make a big or small design. To remove them completely it needs to break down the ink into small particles. Once the ink gets fragmented into minute parts they are absorbed by the skin and later thrown out of the body.

Tattoos which are black and deep blue in color are relatively easy to remove as compared to the ones which are colored. Since other colors which are used while making a colored tattoo like yellow, red and green have the absorption spectra that fall outside the emission spectra of the laser, they become hard to deal with. Same goes with the fluorescent ink as well.

Factors affecting tattoo removal:

It takes a lot of sessions to completely remove the tattoos from the skin and makes it like before. A gap of 4 weeks is generally required in-between each session. However, it also depends on the size of the tattoo and the intensity of laser light being used during the treatment. Other than this certain factors which affect the whole tattoo removal process include the following:

  • The intensity of penetration of the laser beams on the skin.
  • The colors used while making the tattoo.
  • The intensity of colors of the tattoo. Tattoos with ink of light colors fragment quickly than those of dark colors.
  • The amount of energy delivering for producing the heat to fragment the ink.

Once these factors are taken care of, the tattoo removal procedure becomes easy and simple. Being a non-invasive technique it is fairly safe. All that one need is to take care while intruding the laser beams so that the surrounding skin didn’t get affected.

Gone are the days when the tattoo was considered permanent. Today you can easily get them removed from the body with the help of laser technology. If you are one of those who is looking for the best dermatologist in Delhi to eradicate your tattoo from your body then we are your ultimate destination. No, you don’t need to carry your unwanted tattoo all through your life. Get rid of it in an easy and painless procedure with us.

Dr. Sandesh Gupta

Dr. Sandesh Gupta

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