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Dermatologist in Delhi, Skin Specialist In Delhi

Viora Reaction Viora Reaction

Viora Reaction

June 3, 2019
Viora Reaction

To make the skin tight and perfectly contoured there is number of techniques available in today’s date. Due to technological hike and advancements, number of equipment are also manufactured which can help in making the skin tight, firm and more youthful. One such technique is Viora reaction. Since it also helps in reducing the cellulite of the body and uplifting the face it is preferred by most of the people.

Viora reaction is a one-stop solution to a number of problems which comes along with old age. The signs of aging like the development of fine lines, wrinkles, puffy eyes, saggy skin can be corrected with it. Since viora reaction has the ability to maximize the production of collagen the skin starts improving and showing the signs of youthfulness.

Viora reaction makes use of radio frequency which not only lightens up the skin and makes it bright but also cut off the extra cellulite from different parts of the body. While most of the techniques for making the skin rejuvenated works only superficially on the upper layers of the skin viora reaction, on the other hand, works deep down and improves the skin by enhancing the production of collagen.

Areas where viora reaction works:

Every part of the body which is now becoming wrinkles and showing signs of aging can be worked upon by the viora reaction. Here are the major areas which can get treated by viora reaction:


  • Cheeks where the skin is getting folded or wrinkly.
  • Under the eyes where puffiness is coming with age.
  • Wrinkles on the neck.
  • Upper lip areas with folds and fine lines.


  • Inner and outer thighs where the cellulite develops
  • For reshaping the buttocks and breasts.
  • Cellulite removal of arms and abdomen

Other than these, viora reaction also works wonder for removing the stretch marks and other marks or spots due to uncertainties like accidents, burns and much more. It lightens up the areas of treatment and diminishes different marks.

Viora reaction with RF and vacuum therapy

Viora reaction works making use of advanced RF and vacuum therapy which combines to reduce the cellulite from the body and makes the skin tight and firm. When the vacuum therapy is applied along with RF the blood circulation enhances to a great extent which in turn helps in improving the collagen production and shrink the volume of fat cells.

Generally, it takes around 7 to 8 sessions of viora reaction with 30 minutes for each session to attain the desired results. The difference in skin starts becoming visible just after one session only. This encourages you to take further sessions as well. So if you are willing to take the viora reaction and looking for an authentic and trustworthy dermatologist in Delhi we could be your final choice. We carefully examine the problems of our patients and endow the best treatment to overcome all the issues.

Say goodbye to the signs of aging and excess of cellulite. It’s time to look younger and youthful like before.

Dr. Sandesh Gupta

Dr. Sandesh Gupta

M.B.B.S,DVD,MCSI (Cosmetology)

Dr. Sandesh Gupta is an established Cosmetologist and Dermatologist in Delhi.

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