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Vitiligo Treatment: Are You Consulting the Right Dermatologist in Delhi?

A skin problem characterized by the death of cells that produce pigmentation- Vitiligo, is a not-so-uncommon skin condition is actually mired by social stigma. Before delving in to the details of any aspect of this skin condition, we would unfailingly like to point out that vitiligo IS NOT A SERIOUS DISEASE! If you already have consulted a dermatologist in Delhi you will find the truth out.

Don’t Let Social Stigma Affect You!

However, it’s only the lack of proper education which leads people to “ostracize” patients. So, if it’s your child who is the sufferer here, do not listen to what others have to say. Let not these false beliefs about the disease challenge you in any which way whatsoever! While you cannot really fight each and everyone’s perception in this regard, what you can do is adopt a systematic search for the best dermatologist in town. And that’s what we are going to help you with. Do read on in order to be duly guided in this regard.

Beef up your research with the help of proper knowhow

Skin grafting, for instance, is employed when even prolonged phototherapy fails to render color to a few lesions. Generally, it’s the Narrowband UVB Light Therapy which prevents the progression of this particular skin condition by achieving sufficient pigmentation from live melanocytes. There are times when lesions do fail to achieve pigmentation even from continuous phototherapy. The process involves the grafting of normal skin over the affected area. There are several ways in which the skin surgeon might as well perform these surgeries. The three main ways in which his particular procedure performed are:

  • Scar less or Melanocyte Transplant
  • Blister Grafting
  • Punch Grafting

Needless to mention different techniques employ different equipment. The services of a credentialed dermatologist should ideally be backed by the right equipment as well as unparalleled knowhow. In other words, you should be getting in touch with a professional who has the due knowledge in this regard (i.e. he should be able to perform all the three techniques). The clinic should have the necessary arrangements to offer the exact procedure which suits your needs.

What else should you know?

So, make sure that you are researching the credentials of the dermatologist and finding out about the arrangements in the clinic as well.

Do seek recommendations before getting in touch with a dermatologist. It is very important on your end to ask around before actually getting someone on board. Do ensure that you are only getting in touch with professionals that have garnered due appreciation from your friends, family and other trusted sources – of course – the ones who have already accessed skin treatment of some sort.

You should ideally look up the reviews earned by several dermatologists as well. You will be able to find these reviews online.

Please make sure that you are taking the aforementioned steps before zeroing in on services. Do ensure that you are guided in accordance. Going through posts like this will be help.