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Vitiligo: Unraveling Basics, knowing the “patterns”, selecting the right dermatologist and More

Learning about the Vitiligo treatments is as important as learning about vitiligo itself. Now, it must not really be forgotten that this pigmentation disorder can be addressed by a dermatologist in Delhi. If you are taking the trouble to research the background of the dermatologist before getting him on board for your treatment you can jolly well expect to follow the right path to recovery.

What should you be Aware of?

Before even delving into details of vitiligo itself, we will actually go on to acquaint you with the ways in which you should find a qualified dermatologist in Delhi. Do find out if the specialist you are consulting has the required experience to treat vitiligo or not. Noted below are a few factors that you must keep in view:

  • The dermatologist must have required experience in this field
  • You must seek recommendations from the ones that actually have vitiligo and is under some kind of treatment
  • You must seek reviews earned by the dermatologist for his services as well

Now, it is very important to remember that it is of utmost importance on your end to ensure that you are actually taking these points into consideration while you are in the process of finding the perfect dermatologist in Delhi. The right professional will not only tell you at length about the required medications but also about the “generally” less-discussed nuances of this skin condition.

How much do you know about vitiligo?

Do you know that vitiligo can actually go on to take different patterns?

The focal pattern refers to a condition characterized by depigmentation happening only in limited areas.

The Generalized or the common pattern is characterized by depigmentation occurring on both sides of the body. Then you have got the segmental pattern which is characterized by patches of depigmentation appearing just on one side of the body.

These are a few less explored nuances that your dermatologist can actually help you with. Anyone who has the long experience of treating vitiligo will actually tell you that the entire nature and the course of the entire treatment cannot actually be predicted. While it is important to steer clear of stress, it is equally essential to resort to balanced – nutrition rich diet.


The most common type of treatment is of course medical therapy which seeks to halt or prevent damage. It can stop the spreading of the disorder as well.

Surgery or rather Vitiligo Surgery is only possible if the condition has remained stable at least for the last three months. It means that it should not really increase in size or number (of patches) during this period. Notably, this particular method is actually very effective when it comes to treating vitiligo in areas like lips, neck, hands and eyes.

Make sure that you are reading up more in this regard so that you are in a better position to make an informed decision regarding the choice of dermatologist in Delhi and to know more about the kind of vitiligo you are actually experiencing at present.